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"Torpedo los"

Roy Lichtenstein - Oil

famous painting Torpedo los of Roy Lichtenstein

Roy Lichtenstein’s career had been characterized by his contribution to Pop Art, and his unique style that adapts cartoon devices from comics that were popular at the time, mainly ones dealing with war or love. Torpedo Los was taken from "Battle of the Ghost Ships?", in DC Comics' Our Fighting Forces #71 (October 1962), however the artist did not recreate the strip accurately. It shows a German U-boat captain looking through the periscope, giving orders to torpedo an Allied vessel but Lichtenstein enlarged the captain’s face to intensify the scene, he uses the periscope to frame the canvas and simplified the words in the speech bubble which was originally lengthy to “torpedo los!” meaning fire torpedoes. The captain’s face was also changed to make him look like he was shouting rather than talking, heightening the sense of urgency. The painting is different from the artist’s war scenes as he usually depicts the US Army and here he shows a scared German captain but maintains his style in depicting emotional scenes which contrasted with the formal nature of its portrayal.

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