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"The Apotheosis of Homer, 1944-45"

Salvador Dali - Oil

famous painting The Apotheosis of Homer, 1944-45 of Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali was considerably influenced by Greek mythology from a young age, as his father would tell him of these fantastical creatures
this most likely had an impact on Dali’s surrealist works where he creates mystical worlds of his own. In his painting The Apotheosis of Homer, he portrays Homer as a crumbling statue, his head melting and held up by crutches, beside him are floating planets and a bust of his own face, recognised by his famous mustache. He paints his wife, Gala’s nude body in the shade, she is in deep sleep which may indicate that the whole scene was out of a dream. Pegasus is seen in the background fighting off riders, this may imply that the interpretation of life through myths has ended or has lost its relevance and a new way of thinking has emerged. Platzner interprets it, "it reduces Homer to a broken bit of statuary, a relic, while the solid temple of the muse itself melts". The name of the painting gives the wrong idea, where apotheosis implies a zenithal scene but the actual canvas shows Homer as a crumbling figure, with an angel protruding from his mouth.

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